Web: www.groupe-leader.fr
Products: Firefighting Equipment Monitors (for Foam/Water) Nozzles P.P.V. (Positive Pressure Ventilation Fans) Rescue Equipment
Description: LEADER designs and markets firefighting, search & rescue equipment and training products. The company supplies rescue and security teams with technical, sturdy and constantly reliable systems to protect and rescue people and property. LEADER also (more)
Contact: Mr. Jeremy Delerue

Pacific Helmets (NZ) Ltd.

Web: www.pacifichelmets.com
Products: Personal Protection Equipment Firefighting Equipment Helmets Rescue Equipment Safety Equipment
Description: Company is a manufacturer of helmets for the fire services & rescue services, E.M.S. personnel and the police. Please contact the company for details of your local agent (more)
Contact: Mr. Grant Bennett

E2S Warning Signals

Web: www.e2s.com
Products: Alarms Alarm Bells ATEX / Intrinsically Safe Products Lighting (Flashing & Rotating) Sirens/Sounders Voice Annunciators
Description: E2S is the world's leading independent manufacturer of high performance audible and visual signs. Our worldwide approved products range from sounders, beacons, voice sounders to loudspeakers and manual call points for hazardous areas, fire & (more)
Contact: Marketing Manager

Fire Chem

Web: www.fcfsd.com
Products: Extinguishing Agents Firefighting Powders Foam Agents Foam Concentrates Foam Proportioning Systems
Description: FireChem is a manufacturer of foam concentrates, dry chemical powders, bladder tank proportioning systems, foam chambers/pourers, handline nozzles and dry chemical systems. Products offered are UL listed and FM approved and are also in compliance (more)
Contact: Mr. Aditya Parekh


Web: www.bio-ex.com
Products: Foam Agents Foam Concentrates Foam Agents (Raw Materials) Foam Agents (Fluorosurfactants)
Description: BIOex designs and manufactures the latest generation of ecological foam concentrates for use in firefighting. BIOex offers a complete line of ecological or conventional foams to extinguish solid class A fires, liquid class B hydrocarbon fires, (more)
Contact: Mr. Jeremy Delerue


Web: www.haagen.com
Products: Aircraft (Firefighting) Fire Engineering Simulators (Fire Training) Smoke Generators Training Aids & Equipment
Description: With almost 30 years of experience in designing and engineering fire training technologies, HAAGEN is leading the development of the fire training industry with innovative, safe and sustainable fire training solutions. Our products range from rescue (more)
Contact: Mr. Frank Hulshoff